IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Transition To BelConnect 4.0

BelConnect 3.0 is being replaced with BelConnect 4.0 as of May 1, 2015!


*Note: BelConnect 4.0 looks and feels the same as BelConnect 3.0 and has some new features.


Please use this link - https://bc4.beltoneapps.com/.


As you are aware, we have several webcasts in the past couple of months to train BelConnect users on BelConnect 4.0 to enable a smooth transition. 


All BelConnect users will need to be transitioned to BelConnect 4.0 by 5/1/2015. 


To ensure a smooth transition please contact the systems support team at SystemsSupport@beltone.com to setup BelConnect 4.0 for your practice. 


BelConnect 4.0 New Features included are:

  • CareCredit Financing Integration
  • AllWell Financing Integration
  • Automated BelCare Annual Test Reminder
  • Managed Care Sales Tracking
  • Customizing BelConnect Reports
  • Inventory Module and Reporting


Action Required

If you haven’t done so already please contact the systems support team at SystemsSupport@beltone.com to setup BelConnect 4.0 for your practice.

New Insurance claim form

New Insurance Claim Form


As of April 1st, 2014 insurance companies will no longer accept the 08/05 version of the CMS 1500 claim form. We are currently updating BelConnect to the new 02/12 version of the form. The insurance feature will not be available during the update. In the interim, a PDF of the new form is available for download from BelNet in the Claim Forms section under Managed Care. You can also download the form here.

New HIPAA Regulations

New HIPAA Regulations


As you know, for more than a decade the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has regulated how a patient’s “protected health information” (PHI) may be handled by a health care professional.  Some recent modifications and clarifications to the HIPAA regulations have ushered in some changes that will impact in our industry.

The original 2003 HIPAA regulations put in place a variety of requirements that remain in place today. For example, a Notice of Privacy Practices should be made available to patients (or posted in the office), and an Acknowledgment of receipt of the Notice should be obtained from patients. Also, a Business Associate Agreement should be put in place between your practice and third parties who may handle your patients’ PHI. Procedures should be implemented to make sure that the PHI that is handled in your offices is protected and shielded from view of others. Information regarding the HIPAA regulations is available through IHS and other sources, and we are pleased to announce that Beltone is preparing a HIPAA “Refresher Course” describing HIPAA’s key elements and best practices that will be made available by November.

The new regulations do implement some changes, especially relating to marketing. The attached guidance document was developed and distributed by the Hearing Industries Association (HIA), our industry’s principal trade association. It does an excellent job of describing the recent HIPAA changes as they relate to marketing.

In addition, Frequently Asked Questions are provided for additional clarification relating to the new HIPAA rules. Click here to download the FAQ.

As with all compliance matters we encourage you to consult your legal counsel as you develop your HIPAA compliance program. Click here to download the new HIPAA form.

BelConnect Update, September 22, 2014

All Invoices and All Invoices(New) reports

Previously when you selected the Invoice Date option there were two issues.

  • The report did not run by Invoice Date. It ran by Transaction Date.
  • The report looked at the beginning of the day on the report end date, so invoices created on the report end date were not on the report.

Now when you select the Invoice Date option the report runs by Invoice Date and the report looks at the end of the day of the report end date. This means the report will display all transactions for invoices created from the beginning of the report start date through the end of the report end date. If you select the Transaction Date option the report returns all transactions that took place during the requested date range.


New product reporting

The new Boost, First, and Origin products are added to the appropriate columns on the Product Mix, Product Mix (Returns), Product Mix Summary, and Product Mix Charts & Graphs reports.

Appointment Information

We added additional information to the bubble that displays when you mouse over an appointment.

You will now see the Patient ID, Patient Type, Hearing Aid, and Date of Purchase. Hearing Aid and Date of Purchase come from the patient’s most recent delivered hearing aid invoice.

Appointment Information Bubble

Patients sold by Patient Type

We added the ability to report on Patient Type at the time of an Aid Sale. When you set an appointment outcome to Aid Sale the system will save a snapshot of the patient’s Patient Type at that moment.

There are now three new columns in the KPI reports; Prospect Sold, Comp User Sold, and Beltone User Sold. These columns will show you the unique patient count of aid sale appointments for each patient type.

The columns display in the KPI, KPI by Month, and KPI by Practitioner reports.

Patients Sold by Patient Type - KPI Report


We redesigned the Doctor and Insurer functionality and added some reporting capabilities.

The Doctor and Insurer lists are now dispenser specific. Each dispenser can view, add, and edit their own doctor and insurer records and do not have visibility to other dispenser’s doctors and insurers. Existing doctor and insurer records are available to the dispenser who created the record.
The Doctor and Insurer fields in the Patient Profile are also dispenser specific.

The dropdowns display only the doctors and insurers for the given dispenser. If you save a doctor or insurer to a patient and that patient visits a different dispenser, the other dispenser will not see your doctor or insurer. If the other dispenser saves a new doctor or insurer to that patient it will overwrite the previous value because the patient profile only supports one doctor or insurer at a time. If the patient then returns to your dispensership, you will have to reenter your doctor and insurer.

There are 4 new reports on the Providers tab. Doctor List, Doctor Label, Insurer List, and Insurer Label. The list reports return Doctor or Insurer name and address information. The label reports return Doctor or Insurer address information in mailing label format. The labels print on Avery 5160 labels.

Appointment Email Alerts

We have added TV, Internet, and Managed Care Hearing Evaluation appointments scheduled by the national call center representatives to email alerts.


As requested, we disabled field 33 in the insurance claim form from automatically populating the name and address of the patient’s physician.

Product Mix Report Correction

As requested, BTE’s & RIE’s will count under the BTE column whereas all other shell types will count under the Non-BTE column.


Email Campaigns

We added 3 new email templates that are now readily available in BelConnect:

  • Is It Hearing Loss Or Ear Wax?
  • FREE Hearing Aid Clean & Check
  • FREE Hearing Screening

BelConnect Update, March 16, 2014

Product Mix Reports

When we introduced the First and Bold instruments, we also added columns to the Retail Product Mix reports for those products.

Now the emailed Product Mix report and the Charts & Graphs Product Mix report also have columns for the new products.

KPI vs Goal and KPI vs Goal by Practitioner reports

Previously the KPI vs Goal and KPI vs Goal by Practitioner reports did not include offices, practitioners, or months that did not have goals and/or sales. The reports were sorted by Revenue Goal.

Now the reports include all offices, practitioners, and months both with and without goals and/or sales. The reports are sorted by month.


Managed Care Group Tracking

We implemented some improvements to Managed Care Group tracking.


Identifying appointments by managed care group

Previously there was an optional field named Managed Care Group. You could select the appropriate managed care group from the dropdown and save the appointment.

Now you are required to select Yes or No for the Managed Care Group field. If you select Yes, the dropdown is available to select the appropriate managed care group.


Managed Care Group Tracking

Reporting by managed care group

The KPI, KPI by Month, and KPI by Practitioner reports now have an improved Managed Care Group filter

Managed Care Group Tracking Reporting

If Business Group is selected, the report will include all appointments and invoices in the selected business group(s). It will include data with and without a managed care group.

If Managed Care Group is selected, the report will include only appointments, and their associated invoices, with the selected managed care group(s).

If Not Managed Care is selected, the report will include only appointments, and their associated invoices, without a managed care group.


Quick Books

Previously, when you changed an invoice order status to Delivered, the invoice would appear on Quick Books extracts that included the delivery date.

Now changing the invoice order status will not cause the invoice to be extracted again.

BelConnect Update, November 08, 2013

BC3 Appointment Rule Set Changes


Appointment Procedure (Hearing Evaluation ONLY)

  • When an appointment is saved with a “Hearing Evaluation” value in any of the 3 “Procedure” dropdown controls.  The specific “Procedure” dropdown control that has a “Hearing Evaluation” value will be disabled automatically.
  • Only users with Owner Level Previledges can modify a “Hearing Evaluation” procedure from an appointment

Appointment Edit Preference

  • a new scheduler preference (Administration --> System Admin --> Scheduler) called “Number of days allowed to edit an appointment” has been added.
  • This is a dropdown list that has 2 values: “5 Days” and “10 Days”.
  • The default will be “10 Days”
  • All appointment fields will be editable within 5 or 10 days EXCEPT when a “Procedure” field has a value of “Hearing Evaluation”.  Again, only users with Owner Level Previledges has the ability to change a “Procedure” field that has a value of “Hearing Evaluation”.

Appointment deletion

  • ONLY users with Owner Level Previledges has the ability to delete appointments with a "Hearing Evaluation" procedure

BelConnect Update, June 6, 2013

Change Password Feature

Previously only administrators, systems support, or customer service could change user passwords. This was inconvenient to these users who had to look up and change passwords for everyone.

In response, we are implementing a two-part change that will give every user the ability to change their own password and completely remove visibility of passwords from BelNet. As the same login credentials are used for both BelNet and BelConnect, password changes will affect both applications.

This release implements the first part of the change. BelConnect users can now change their own passwords from the BelConnect login page. In the future, we will add the ability to change passwords from the BelNet login page and remove administrator access to view/change others’ passwords.

To change your password, go to the BelConnect login page and click Change Password.

Change Password

The Change Password form loads. All fields are required.

Chnage Password



Product Line Change


Promise 6 and Prime

We added three new columns for the new product line, Promise 6, Promise 6 MIC, and Prime to the following reports:

  • Email --> Product Mix
  • Retail --> Product Mix Detail
  • Retail --> Product Mix (Returns)
  • Retail --> Product Mix Summary
  • Charts & Graphs --> Product Mix


Management Reports


Marketing Source

We added a new feature to the Marketing Source reports. Now there is a new table at the bottom of each report. The new table calculates the following percentages based on the report data.

  • % Cancellation & No Show = (Total Cancellation + Total No Show) / Total Gross Tests
  • % Tested No Loss = Total Tested No Loss / Total Gross Tests
  • % Medical Referral = Total Medical Referral / [Total Gross Tests
  • % Consultation Conducted/No Test = Total Consultation Conducted/No Test / Total Gross Tests
  • % Trial/Demo = Total Trial/Demo / Total Gross Tests
  • % Net Tests = Total Net Tests / Total Gross Tests 
  • % Closure Rate = Total Patients Sold / Total Net Tests
  • % Returned Units = (Total Gross Units - Total Net Units) / Total Gross Units


POS Reports


All Invoices Reports

We added Delivery Date as a filter on the All Invoices and All Invoices New reports.


Voided Invoice Report

Previously, the system saved the invoice practitioner in the user who voided the invoice. The Voided Invoices report displayed this value.
Now the voided invoice report displays the user who voided the invoice in the Voided By field. Keep in mind that the Voided By user will only display for invoices voided after we corrected the issue.



Charts & Graphs Reports


Business Group Filter

We added the Business Group filter to the following Charts & Graphs Reports: Tests By Marketing Source, KPI Dashboard, and Product Mix.
You can now run these reports for All business groups, Beltone Only, Boscov, or ECH.


POS Admin Tool

Previously, invoices were not deleting correctly when deleted from the POS Admin Tool.
Now the error has been corrected.

BelConnect Update, March 03, 2013

Audit Reports

We’ve added two additional tools to BelConnect to help track data changes.

The POS Audit Report shows all changes made an invoice along with the date of the change and who made it. To view the report, click the Audit button in the lower right corner of the invoice.

The Marketing Detail Audit Report shows all changes made to marketing detail, including adding editing expenses and uploading ads, along with the date of the change and who made it. To view the report, click the Audit link to the right of the marketing detail.


Marketing Source Reports

Previously the Marketing Source Reports returned data for all business groups.

Now you may select to include all or an individual business group.


House File and Mailing Labels Reports

Previously you could not filter the House File or Mailing Labels reports by a patient’s e-mail address.

Now there are 4 new filter fields, one for each of the four patient e-mail fields. *Note, if you enter an email address in the E-mail 1 field, it will only return patients who have that e-mail address saved in their E-mail 1 field. It will not return the patient if that email is saved in one of the patient’s other e-mail fields. It will search both e-mail addresses that are flagged as E-mail and as Do Not E-mail.



Previously, some users were encountering a server error when saving a Credit Memo.

Now the error has been corrected.


Marketing Sources & Marketing Admin

Previously there was a standard marketing source named “Other”.

Based on a request from the marketing department, the “Other” marketing source is being phased out. You will no longer be able to select it when saving/editing an appointment. In Marketing Admin you can still access the any marketing details saved to “Other” and enter/edit expenses, but you can no longer add new marketing details to the “Other” marketing source.

BelConnect Update, January 17, 2013

Audit Reports

We’ve added two tools to BelConnect to help track data changes.

The Patient Audit Report shows all changes made to the Patient Information page along with the date of the change and who made it. To view the report, click the Audit button in the lower right corner of the page.

The Appointment Audit Report shows all changes made to an appointment along with the date of the change and who made it. To view the report, click the Audit button in the lower right corner of the appointment window. The report is available for both Patient and Non-patient appointments.


POS Admin Tool

Previously, when you clicked Delete on the Invoice Details tab of the POS Admin Tool, it only partially deleted the invoice. Any items, credits, payments, or refunds were not deleted.

Now, all of the invoice data is deleted.



Previously, when you entered a refund the amount was not applied correctly to the Balance Due field for each payer. Now the refund is applied correctly.

Previously, when you removed taxes from an existing invoice the Invoice Total Amount wasn’t updated. Now the Total Amount is updated.

Previously, when you enter a sale with tax the tax amount rounded down. When you entered a return with tax the tax amount rounded up. Now the tax is rounded up for both transactions.



The Charts & Graphs reports now include columns for our newly released line of Promise and Micro-Invisa items.

We added a new report to help analyze marketing effectiveness. The Tests & Sales By Patient Zip and Marketing Source report takes the existing Tests & Sales By Patient Zip report and further breaks it down by Marketing Source.

The KPI reports now have a column to show the Gross Tests to Net Units ratio.

BelConnect Update, October 12, 2012

Scheduled Appointments Email Alerts

Beltone is proud to announce a new BelConnect feature to help Hearing Care Practitioners manage their schedules. There is now an option for Hearing Care Practitioners to receive an email when a TV or Internet lead schedules a Hearing Evaluation.

Emails send twice a day and include all hearing evaluation appointments with a TV or Internet marketing source created that day. For example, on Monday morning 2 patients call in based on a TV lead. One schedules a Hearing Evaluation for Tuesday and the other schedules a Hearing Evaluation for Thursday. On Monday afternoon 2 more patients call in based on an Internet lead. One schedules a Hearing Evaluation for Wednesday and the other schedules a Hearing Evaluation for 2 weeks in the future. All of the appointments are with the same practitioner.

In this scenario the practitioner would receive 2 emails on Monday, the mid day email would show the 2 appointments created in the morning. The evening email would show all 4 appointments created that day.

To enable this feature for a practitioner, go to AdministrationàSystem AdminàPractitioners. Enter an email address for each practitioner who should receive scheduled appointment email alerts and check the Send Appt Emails box. You can enter multiple email addresses per practitioner, separated by semi-colons. This allows you to have a copy of each email sent to a PCC or other scheduling manager. You MUST check the Send Appt Emails box for each practitioner who should receive emails.


Practitioner Email


Below is a sample of the email:


Sample Email



Marketing Ads

Previously, you could only upload picture files of marketing ads.

Now, you can also upload PDF files. When viewing an uploaded PDF in Marketing Admin or in from the Marketing Source Detail Report you will see a PDF icon. Click the icon to load the PDF.


Product Mix Reports

The Product Mix reports now include columns for our newly released line of Promise and Micro-Invisa items.

BelConnect Update, July 27, 2012


Previously, some saved invoices did not display on the patient’s Invoice History list. Now, they do.



Previously, in non-patient appointments the Subject field was a dropdown with a variety of values.

Now, the Subject field is free text. You may enter whatever you want.


Product Mix Reports

We recently retired some products from our lineup. The following products no longer have their own columns in the Product Mix reports. Now they are counted in the “Other” column.

- Marq 9
- Edge 2
- Touch
- Access
- Linq


Marketing Ads

We are pleased to introduce a new feature to our marketing functionality. You now have the ability to upload an image file or PDF for each Marketing Detail.

Go to Administration --> System Admin --> Marketing, there is a new Upload Ad link for each marketing detail.



Click Upload Ad to access the upload window. You can enter dates and other descriptive information and upload one image file or PDF.



Once an ad is uploaded, you may view it in the Upload window or from the Marketing Source Detail Report. There is now a link named View Ad on the report for each marketing detail.



BelConnect Update, May 11, 2012

Management Reports

Beltone Ambassador Referral Report

The Beltone Marketing Department is proud to announce the release of a report to support the Beltone Ambassador Referral Rewards Program. The report has some features that set it apart from other BelConnect reports.



Complete History

This option will include all of your ambassadors, not just ambassadors who have made a referral. This allows you to see an overview of all of your participants in the program.

**Keep in mind that we introduced ambassador tracking to BelConnect in August of 2011, so the Complete History report starts with August 2011.


Specific Period

Running the report with this option will geenerate an ambassador activity report for the date range. Ambassadors who did not make any referrals during the date range will not be included. The report groups referrals by ambassador. Expand an ambassador group to see all patients referred by an ambassador during the date range. The report also includes a count of hearing aid units sold to the referred patients. To be included, the sale must have taken place after the patient was referred and during the report date range. If any units from that sale were later returned, that information is also included. Please note that this return count is handled differently from the return count in other BelConnect reports. Most BelConnect reports count the number of units that were returned during the date range. This report only counts returns on units that were purchased during the date range, so you can see which referral purchases were returned.

You may also choose to run the report for a single ambassador.

If you are part of the Beltone Ambassador Referral Rewards Program, please contact your BelConnect Administrator to turn on security for this report.


Tests & Sales By Patient Zip

Previously, you can only filter this report by date and office.

Now, you can also run the report for a single Zip Code.


Weekly Report

Previously, this report’s quick select date range buttons only included This Week and Last Week.

Now, there is a quick select button for Next Week.



POS Reports

Including taxes on invoice reports

Previously, taxes were automatically included on the All Invoices, All Invoices (New), Sales By Location, and Sales By Practitioner reports.

Now, there is an Include Taxes check box in the filters for each report. Check the box to include the taxes on the report or leave it unchecked to omit them. Please note that if you select a Category and/or Item search the Include Taxes check box will be inactivated, and your report will only return items based on your Category and/or Item selection.




Outcome Reasons

We added some additional appointment Outcome Reasons for outcomes Cancellation and No Show.

The new reasons are:

  • Patient Illness/Deceased
  • Patient Will Call Back to Reschedule



Previously, if an appointment was a Cancellation or a No Show, you could not book another appointment at the same time.

Now, if an appointment is a Cancellation or a No Show, click in the same time slot to book another appointment.


Letter Tasks

Previously, if you printed a task generated letter using the Print button, the printout included images of Print and Close buttons. It also included the web address and a page number.

Now, if you print the letter using the Print button, the button images are not included on the printout. There are two options for hiding the web address and the page number. If you use the Export to PDF button and print the PDF, the printout will include only the letter text. Alternately, you can change your browser’s page setup to not include the URL or page number and print using the Print button. Keep in mind that changing your browser’s page setup will remove the web address and page number from everything you print, not just the letter.

BelConnect Update, April 14, 2012

Patient Search by Zip/Postal Code

Previously, you could enter either the first digit of the patient’s zip code OR the % wild card in the Zip field to search for a patient by First Name, Last Name, and Zip.

Now, you must enter at least the first 2 digits of the patient’s zip code OR the first digit AND the % wild card.


New Patient Search Sample


Goal Management

Previously, when you entered goals for your offices and practitioners, you had to type in goals for every month of the year.

Now, there is an option to type in goals for January and apply those same goals to the rest of the year.


Scheduler Lite

Previously, blockouts displayed on the schedule when the practitioner with the blockout was selected.

Now, blockouts also display on the schedule when All Practitioners are selected.

BelConnect Update, March 11, 2012

Task Letters

Previously, when you clicked Create Letter for a BelConnect task, the letter opened in MS Word, which did not inherit any of the formatting or allow editing.

Now, there is a new letter editor. When you click Create Letter, the letter will open in the new editor and will include all of the preconfigured formatting. You may edit your letter further if desired, and print it or export it to a PDF file.



POS and Pay Type Reports

The Wells Fargo pay type is now available in POS and on the Cash Flow By Pay Type Detail report.


POS Security Changes

Changing Offices and Practitioners on an Invoice - Previously, you could not change the office or practitioner for a saved invoice or for a new invoice associated with an appointment.Now, there is a new security option under The Admin Area-->User Preferences named Allow Office And Practitioner Changes On Invoice.

Users with this security can change the office and practitioner on saved invoices and on new invoices associated with an appointment. To aid in the transition we have given the new security to all users who already had the security option Administer POS Settings.


Backdating a Refund

Previously, any user with POS Refund security could enter a backdated refund.

Now, only users with POS Refund security AND the security option Administer POS Settings will be able to enter a backdated refund.



The Gross Tests to Net Units Ratio column has been added to the following Marketing Source reports:

  • Marketing Source Detail By Location
  • Marketing Source Detail Report
  • Marketing Source Report
  • Marketing Source Report Detail level drill down

BelConnect Update, February 10, 2012



All Invoices (New) and All Invoices

Previously, some combinations of filters for these report did not work correctly.

Now, the filtering issues have been resolved for both of these reports.


Appointments By Location And Practitioner

Previously, there was not a report that displayed Third Party Outcomes.

Now, the Appointments By Location And Practitioner report includes Third Party Outcomes.


Marketing Reports

Previously, marketing reports did not display the number of pieces or the gross tests to net units ratio.

Now, the marketing department identified several marketing sources typically purchased as a number of pieces, calls, etc. When you enter expenses for these marketing sources, there is now the option to enter the number of pieces, which then carries through to the marketing reports.
Each marketing report now has columns for Number Of Pieces, % Sales Response (calculated as Net Units / Number Of Pieces), and Gross Tests To Net Units Ratio.

In addition, there is a new Marketing Source By Location report. This report displays marketing information per location at the marketing source level. Previously, you could only view marketing information per location at the marketing detail level.




Sale Category

Previously, an invoice could only have one Sale Category.

Now, an invoice can have up to three Sale Categories.

In addition, there is a new setting in AdministrationàPOS Admin that designates whether the first Sale Category defaults to “Regular”.

BelConnect Update, January 13, 2012


Unsold Patients Report

This report will now check all 3 Appointment Procedure fields when identifying Hearing Evaluation appointments and will display all saved procedures for each appointment.


Undelivered Orders Report

Previously, the Undelivered Orders report returned all invoices where the Order Status is not Cancelled or Delivered.

Now, the Undelivered Orders report returns all invoices where the Order Status is Pending, Submitted, or Received.


All Invoices (New)

Previously, when you sorted the All Invoices New report results by Practitioner no results displayed. Now, results do display.

NOTE: There are other combinations of filters that do not currently work for this report. We are aware of the problem and are working on it.


Reports containing links

Clicking an invoice or patient information link from a report will load the requested information in the existing BelConnect window. Clicking an appointment link will load the appointment in a new window that will only allow changes to that appointment.

NOTE: You cannot navigate to a different screen. In addition, if you click a second appointment link before closing the first appointment window, the appointment window will refresh to display the second appointment. You will not be able to have multiple appointment windows open at the same time.



Invoice Delivery Date

The delivery date is set correctly and will display in reports.

NOTE: This will not correct invoices that were saved without a delivery date. It will only affect new invoices.


The Exchange Process

Previously, when a user entered an exchange transaction in POS the system automatically refunded any payment on the invoice to the payer(s) according to the percentage each was billed. This could result in a refund to a payer who had not made a payment.

Now, when a user enters an exchange transaction in POS, the system will not automatically process a refund.


POS Admin

All dispensers will now use POS Light. The POS Admin setting where dispensers previously selected their POS version is no longer available.


Scheduler Admin

There is a setting in Administration-->System Admin-->Scheduler named "Allow non-admin users to delete appointments".

With the setting = Yes, the behavior will not change.

With the setting = No, Owners (user type H) can delete appointments that do not have an associated invoice. Non-owners (user type K) will not see the Delete button in the appointment window.

The default setting is No. Non-owner users who could previously delete appointments will no longer be able to do so.


Retired Setting

Previously, there was a scheduler admin setting allowing dispensers to choose if the Marketing Detail dropdown in the Appointment window is filtered according to the appointment office.

Now, this setting is no longer available. Appointment Marketing Details will now be filtered according to the appointment office for all dispensers.